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Healthcare in your pocket!That is to give all patients full knowledge of their clinical records, treatments and diagnostic tests: this is the aim of the project, a web-based application that lets the patient have real-time access to all textual and iconographic data related to screenings and treatments occurred during his/her hospitalisation, clinical examination, surgical procedure, or ER admittance.

is the online individual clinical-record archive, fully updated and accessible from everywhere and at any time, with a personal authentication method in order to ensure complete user security and privacy needs.

can be read in four languages, in order to be accessed effectively from any foreign country by the patient as well as by local physicians and/or healthcare facilities.

I referti relativi al regime di ricovero non sono consultabili. E' necessario fare richiesta della cartella clinica all'ULSS
In ottica del prossimo avvio del Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico Regionale (FSER), dal 15.02.2016 il PIC non sara' sottoscrivibile dai nuovi utenti
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